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    How would you best protect a new stock vehicle.

    How would you best protect a new stock vehicle? I am getting close to pulling the trigger on a new Ford F150 in magma red metalic color. I am wanting to know what the pros here think is the best way I could protect it for durability and ease of care. Would that be a ceramic coating with a hydrophobic topper, a combination of products or something else. Also would you do paint correction first on a new vehicle. Give me your best opinions.

    Now for some other info. I am a hobbyist detailer and do my own work, and my vehicles are all daily drivers. I live in Northern AZ and my current F150 in Ruby Red sits outside year round so it does see a lot of sun and other weather. Three weeks ago I stripped it down, hit it with clay bar, gave it a polish, and then put on two coats of Mothers CMX to try out. So far the CMX is still beading good and it makes washing a breeze, but I don't know how it will stand up in the long run.

    Some other products that I have tried or use are , Mothers CMX, Collinite #476, Turtle Wax ICE, Chemical Guys Blacklight, and I have Megs HCD ordered to try. I really like the mothers CMX due to its slick finish, hydrophobic properties and it made darkened the finish beautifully. The Collonite did last a looong time and was still beading after a year but was no longer slick and dulled a bit.

    Some products I am considering using on the new truck are Kamikaze Miyabi Coat, GYEON MOHS, and Gtecniq Crystal and EXO. I have never used a true cermaic though. I am also very interested in the new graphene products like SPS Graphene but many of those seem to only be sold to professionals.

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    Re: How would you best protect a new stock vehicle.

    If you currently enjoy using what you have then you can approach it the same way.

    If you want to step up to a more durable and true coating then from the options you listed GTechniq CSL & Exo will work fine. I have not used Kamikaze but from what I have seen it is a good option. If you like a hydrophobic coating then stick with either of these and forget about Gyeon Mohs. It lacks in that characteristic.

    Unfortunately you won't be able to get your hands on SPS unless you have been authorized by them.

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    Re: How would you best protect a new stock vehicle.

    The Ford F150 Rocks! Ruby Metallic Red is my 2nd choice for a color. Black is my #1! But IMO What you are using is pretty good. I don't use ceramic coatings anymore (BLASPHEMY!). I am back to the simple good quality wax whether it be a paste or a liquid wax. The reason is that I enjoy detailing my ride.

    But remember, a coating is just a harder form of protection which will last longer. If you take your ride to a car wash, that defeats the whole purpose of a ceramic coating. Additionally, you have to buy the ceramic coating products to maintain the ride.

    But regardless what you of the beast when and IF you get it!

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    Re: How would you best protect a new stock vehicle.

    Light polish, , chemical prep(acid/alki/solvent) then graphene coating

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    Re: How would you best protect a new stock vehicle.

    everyone has their preferences I suppose and mine is still a sealant such as Jescar Powerlock Plus or Wolfgang
    I know it doesn't last as long as ceramic but I enjoy the process of doing such things once a year or maybe a bit more if you live in the harsh midwest winter climates like I do
    I use the Turtlewax Ice to maintain in between coats of coat of sealant but I have a 10 year old Honda Accord w 150k on it and I live on a country road of dirt,mud n dust depending on the season so I am not as fanatical of taking of my cars as I once was
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