My experience, grab a Ryobi from your local Home Depot, or order up a Karcher 1700 from somewhere. Easy to adapt all the aftermarket stuff to with standard fittings.
I have been extremely happy with the Ryobi. I’ve burned through one (as you will any low cost electric) and only had to drive a short distance to HD, grab another quick, and be ready to wash again....not waiting for an order to arrive from wherever.
I was sick of rolling up a hose, so mounted a hose reel to mine which is home to a 50’ KobraJet hose, rocking a PF22 foam cannon, MTM spray gun, etc, etc. I even bought a “2nd set” of all the couplers and fittings so if something ever craps out, I can just replace quick and have no down time....all about convenience!