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    3" vs 4" Griot's Pads

    I finally got my Griot's 6" DA Polisher and tried it out for the first time this weekend. I'm just doing sections of my wife's car at a time since I usually don't have the time or patience to knock out the whole car at once.

    I was thinking that I needed to add the 3" backing plate to my arsenal for the smaller areas like the bumper, around the doors and the panels around the wheels. I went online to order the 3" backer to use with my 6" DA Polisher but noticed that there are both 3" and 4" pads available. Which one do you preffer and why? (If it makes a difference, I already have a 5" backer with 5.5" pads which is what I was using)

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    Re: 3" vs 4" Griot's Pads

    Some like the 4" as it gives you more working area and acts as sort of a bumper..... for tighter areas I like the 3 inch pads. I like the griots boss pads because they are thinner and transfer energy (spin) better.

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    Re: 3" vs 4" Griot's Pads

    The 4" size is somewhat 'uncommon' and honestly, there isn't enough difference (IMO) between that and the 5". I'd go w/ the 3" (*and* maybe the 2" or 1" backing plate and pads for really tight spots or compound curves lest you burn off the clear coat on edges or peaks). In fact, I ended up w/ the GG3 also and put the 1" or 2" plate on that to do.

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    Re: 3" vs 4" Griot's Pads

    When I first bought my PC7424XP here, I bought a slew of 3 LC Yellow Backing Plates and accompanying compatible Pads. The Plates were 2-7/8", I believe then 3.5", and 5".

    When I got all my goodies, there was only one minor problem, which AG took care of quickly. The 5" Backing Plate had bad malformed threads. Couldn't get it to button up, didn't have the right Die on hand to attempt a fix.

    Was very eager to try out the new machine and the Wolfgang Polishes, so, I installed the LC 3.5" Plate, used 4" LC Pads, and did my daily driver at the time, which was a 2001 Kia Spectra Hatchback.

    While I'm sure it took a little longer to polish the car, I sort of liked the smaller Plate-Pad combo on board the PC D/A and on this small car. Seemed like this combo had greater ease of getting into all the dips and curves on the body panels.

    Plate changeouts are so simple and quickly done, and IMO it adds more versatility to these machines with a greater variety of Pad sizes that can be used when desired.

    One advantage I didn't really think of much at the time, was that with the smaller Plate-Pad Combo, the machine had a better ability to keep the Pads spinning nicely

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    Re: 3" vs 4" Griot's Pads

  6. Thanks Thomkirby thanked for this post
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    Re: 3" vs 4" Griot's Pads

    Thanks for the input everyone. I'm gonna go with the 3". I was thinking there wasn't enough of a difference from what I already have and u guys helped confirm it.

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