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    Re: Is ceramic coating or paint correction necessary for me?

    Quote Originally Posted by animescreen View Post
    Glad you did yourself. Seems ceramic coating takes lot of patience, technique and skill. I'll practice on my mazda first. So do you polish and clay once a year? Or how often.
    I started on my own car as well and first used the McKee's 37 Paint Coating. It's very user friendly and was good product to learn the process. Polishing will remove the coating, so I only polish when I'm ready to re-apply the coating. Somewhere around the 18 month point I start figuring out when I'm going to do the work. Some here will clay a coated car a couple times a year, but I only do it at the same time I polish.

    I was told ceramic coating last only like 4 months or so. Guess your using more potent one.
    I'm not sure where that would come from. I've used sealants which last 5~6 months. I expect much better from a coating. The word "coating" is being assigned to all sorts of products these days. There are the traditional coatings in the small glass bottles like Gyeon Mohs or CarPro CQuartz which are a bit expensive, but will last a year or two. There are also other products like Gyeon CanCoat which are similar chemically and behave like a coating, but only last 6~12 monts depending on the environment. Lastly there are some newer spray products which are called Si2O or coating sprays which are more like a spray wax and will have a fairly short lifespan.

    As for waxing. DO some people do ceramic coating (let say once or twice a year) then also do wax every like 4 to 6 months. (Just wondering what happens when ceramic coating and wax)
    I'm sure there are. There are also several types of coating specific toppers you can use if you really want to layer something on a coating. Due to the chemical make up of a coating, I couldn't imagine a traditional wax lasting very long because it wouldn't bond to the paint when it dries. By adding a wax, you'd also loose many of the coating characteristics which make coatings unique.

    Wax is just fun for me even thought takes long .. BUt don't want some buildup and layers etc if that happens
    Even if you stick with waxing, you should polish and clay the car periodically. There is a great post by Mike Phillips here where he polished up a yellow hot rod and ran a tape line on the pannel to highlite the before/after effects of polishing. The yellow on the "after" side of the line was very different. Much brighter and more vibrant because the act of polishing removed old layers of wax and the road grime embedded in those layers, not to mention the removal of fine swirls which build up over time.
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    Re: Is ceramic coating or paint correction necessary for me?

    Applying a ceramic coating is not that hard. It is the prep work that takes time.

    Gyeon CanCoat and Cquartz Lite are two user friendly products for those not ready to step up to a more durable coating.

    With these two coatings and a maintenance product one would be set for sometime. No need for a wax topper.

    Here is what I would do with either product.


    Prep Wipe
    CanCoat (2 coats at 1 hr apart)
    Maintain with Gyeon Cure


    Prep wipe
    Cquartz Lite (2 coats at 1 hr apart)
    Maintain with CarPro Elixir and/or Reload

    Sit back and enjoy the ease of cleaning.

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    Re: Is ceramic coating or paint correction necessary for me?

    So basically people will either go wax or ceramic right not both. When you prep wipe you mean with like quick detailed spray?

    I know ceramic coating prob yields better results but waxing wit like porter cable seems bit fun lol

    Ceramic coating seems more glossier too?

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    Re: Is ceramic coating or paint correction necessary for me?

    There are many different types of final protection for vehicle paint but they are generally categorized into 3 waxes, synthetic sealants and coatings. I don't use anything on top of a coating (like beauty waxes etc.). In my opinion, coatings are substantial enough and durable over the longest time of all 3 categories.

    Coatings are best applied over perfectly clean paint and panel wipes are meant to do that with regard to removing anything left on top of the paint from washing, machining etc.

    Panel wipes are typically NOT quick detailers as those, many times, leave gloss enhancers or some light protection on the paint. Anything left on the paint is not ideal for coatings.

    "Waxing" with a machine is fun but waxes are not very durable. That's ok for some because they enjoy doing it and you get to do it a lot because of it's perishable nature.

    In my opinion, carnauba waxes still impart the best, glossiest, bright and deep shine. There are many sealants and now coatings that are very very close. But...

    The best shine and gloss is in the paint correction i.e. cutting, buffing and polishing the paint to remove all the imperfections.

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