I just brought home a new car a few days ago and with the beading I've noticed, it's obvious that the dealership already applied some sort of wax or sealant. So right now I would like to focus on protecting the headlights, glass, trim, unpainted plastic front bumper and side mirrors first before they yellow, fade, and get water spots....the summer sun and rain is pretty bad here in South Florida, not to mention all the love bugs. I am looking for a product that would be fast and simple to apply due to the daily rain and lack of time. I was thinking D156 and 845 and maybe BFTTS on the trim and unpainted plastic bumper. Is D156 and 845 safe to use on the unpainted bumper, side mirrors and trim. How should I prep these surfaces? With all the new products on the market today, what do you guys recommend? I was thinking McKee's 37 Hydro Blue...it looks so simple and too good to be true. Also, should I put anything on the windshield? If not, what is the best way to prevent water spot etching on it? Thanks.