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    Need some recommendations guys!

    Hey everyone, Iíve been reading into waterless and tinsel was washes and canít figure out the main difference or what I should be using. Iím resultingto this since I live in an apartment complex and only have a car port. Iím on a budget as well but still looking for which type I should steer towards and what product offers the best bang for your buck. Also would like to know whether or not these are safe to use on tires and wheels as well. Thanks for the help guys! Ps when I do a search on here everyone recommends DP but for some reason I canít find any of that

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    Re: Need some recommendations guys!

    Waterless is a spray on heavy, carefully wipe off, continuously using clean parts of, or new, towels. Rinseless works much like a normal car wash without a hose. Put an ounce or two in a bucket with gallons of water, then use a wash mitt, rinsing dirty mitt often; or if you want to be extra safe, use numerous microfiber towels. Once wiped clean, use a new towel to dry

    Many of these products are very affordable and are diluted with late amounts of water. If youíre on a budget, go to the waterless wash page on Autogeek and look up best price, considering dilution amount. WW and RW are safe for tires, wheels and all exterior surfaces, just donít mix towels.

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    Re: Need some recommendations guys!

    I use RW when its "dirty" and WW when its "dusty". That said, WW can be used on an "average" dirty car and RW for a dusty car but its overkill...but safe. As far as brands, well, on a budget Duragloss makes a great RW and Mckee's N914 is THE best for WW, don't sleep on Griot's Garage Brillant Shine rinseless wash either. In closing, pre-treating each panel makes the wash safer and more efficientNeed some recommendations guys!Need some recommendations guys!

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    Re: Need some recommendations guys!

    References to DP are most likely from older posts and refers to a now defunct label called Detailers Pride. That brand was folded into McKee's 37 and those products have been relabeled and I would guess even improved.

    Many here use and tout the qualities of M37 N-914 as both a vehicle wash and a panel wipe before LSP's.

    As stated above, M37 N-914 is a rinseless wash. You add about an once to a 4-5 gallon bucket of clean water and gently wipe the panel and then towel dry. It's economical at about $15 a bottle.

    Waterless washes are more like quick detailers to me. You don't add water to anything and simply spray the product on and wipe it off. Rinseless washes (like N-914) are a concentrated cleaning agent you add about 4-5 gallons to in a bucket (with a grit guard!). I still and always use a rinse bucket with rinseless washes so I'm looking at using about 9- 10 gallons of water.

    I agree with Klasse Act's use of products and use rinsless washes for more heavily "dirtified" vehicles and waterless washes for slightly dirty jobs.

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