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    Re: Crystal Serum Light

    Quote Originally Posted by The Guz View Post
    Harsh environments are going to take a toll on any coating.
    Also bad prep work.

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    Re: Crystal Serum Light

    "Accredited detailers" might mean they are licensed to used Crystal Serum? My understanding was Crystal Serum light is consumer grade.
    That being said I've used Csl and Exo a half dozen times and love it. My daughters car is holding strong at year. Dd outside 24/7 and never washed unless I do it
    2012 Dodge Challenger RT Classic

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    Re: Crystal Serum Light

    Thank you for the info, makes sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Calendyr View Post
    The way I see it is that CSL is a 5 years product but Gtechniq doesn't want to put a long warranty on a product that might be applied incorrectly by enthousists. So what accredited detailers are doing is applying it correctly. Prepping the vehicle is the most important part. They have a few criteria to accredit people which include having a garage to let the coating cure for 12 hours before giving it back to the client. If you prep the vehicle correcly and make sure it won't be exposed to water for the first 12 hours, you can expect the same durability.

    Crystal Serum Light cannot be layered, it's not designed to bind to itself.

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    Re: Crystal Serum Light

    Csl was one of the first coating I used it was the second easiest behind gloss coat. It will not give u great beading if that’s what your looking for u need to add Exo. Together they were great I only used v3 of Exo on thing about csl is it really added the most swirl resistance of any coating I used. It also applies differently it has it own flash style. I like it but for most cost effective and great beading cquk doing it yearly with a swirl remove is what I have settled on. Either one is good but u may want to add Exo then it’s over twice as much as cquk with only slightly better beading out of Exo over uk. It would be interesting to hear from someone that had csl on for over two years most DIY guy can’t stop touching there cars and strip and try new coating every 1-2 years.

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