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    Re: Microfiber and Hot Water

    If we are talking about optimization, the goal is to optimize the removal contaminants (dirt, foreign molecules, etc.) from the fibers. Higher temperatures facilitate better separation of those contaminants if you believe the chemistry. In general, the move towards cold water detergents and cleaners is driven by energy savings and not optimizing the cleaning strength of the detergent. For most modern detergents, soaps and cleaners, hot is generally better than cold.

    Sample article: everyday chemistry - Why hot water is more effective than cold water in cleaning - Chemistry Stack Exchange

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    Re: Microfiber and Hot Water

    I use hot with the steam cycle. Never had a single issue and my towels come out perfectly. I wouldn't trust cold water to release the dirt well enough.

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    Re: Microfiber and Hot Water

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Oldz View Post
    I know the few I have contacted In The past have suggested hot water claiming it will release polish oils, waxes and grime better.
    I agree with this. Especially when it comes to stubborn waxing pads and towels. I just had some waxing pads today that I had to soak and then wash in hot water. I went ahead and threw my wax removal towels on hot as well. I typically try to wash on warm but I may start washing all of my waxing pads and towels on hot to really get them clean again.

    I have some brand new towels to compare to so if I see them getting worn or damaged I'll designate them for chrome and aluminum polish removal towels.

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    Re: Microfiber and Hot Water

    Two years later, I still wash with hot water.

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    Re: Microfiber and Hot Water

    Hot water will always, always, always provide better cleaning than cold for any laundry... Period.

    Unless fading or stain-setting is a concern, hot will always outperform cold, regardless of what the detergent instructions says. At least that is my experience, opinion, and recommendation.

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