I have a GG 6" DA. Wanted to know if m105/205 is still the best method to correct minor scratching from possible some animal. Doesn't seem to have gone through the clear coat. Also, what pads should I use. It is a black 2014 honda accord. I also have a black honda civic i'd like to do as well so how many pads would I need for each car if I was going to do the entire body. Advice on washing/claying would also be appreciated;P I use to detail 10 years ago as a hobby but forgot my methods a little so need a refreshment. Any videos you can point to would be helpful.

Another issue I want to fix is the honda civic has some waterlike looking stains on the driver seat and a black ink like stain. Any recommendations to remove these stains?

Last question, the honda accord has watermark looking spots on the front window glass. Any good advice to remove this. I'll take pics of everything to share for better understanding.