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    Steps to Paint Coating


    I have been following this page for YEARS AND YEARS and finally have a real reason to post, as most of my answers have been found through searching. I just purchased the Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Coating. It seems as though most of the cars that I end up detailing are black. I have someone that wanted to try a coating on his black '67 Vette. He has always been happy with my work, however, I have a couple of questions. Prior to using the coating, I will wash, Iron-X, Clay-(optional) and then use M205 with the Meguiar's MF 5" Cutting Disc, as the paint is in very good condition from the last time I worked on it and it is RARELY driven. The only reason I'm even using the 205 is because every time he uses his car cover, he seems to get marring (hence the want to try the coating). Am I able to put another polish or glaze on once I finish with the 205 and THEN use the Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish? I know I can top the Coating with something like Pinnacle Liquid Souveršn to make it even better, but the real question is, what can I do to enhance the blackness prior to using the coating or the overall deep black color? Thank you in advance!!!

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    Re: Steps to Paint Coating

    the surface must be free of any waxes, polishes, or oils. basically nothing can be on the surface at all as it will reduce the adhesion. so applying something and then using surface cleaner will remove anything that you have on there but if a spot is missed that spot can differ form the rest of the car so its best to not add anything else. if after you coat they make coat safe sealants that might help you get the result you are after but even those should not be added until after it is fully cured

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    Re: Steps to Paint Coating

    First off, the coating will NOT protect against marring from a car cover. I am vehemently anti-car cover for this reason: always have been, always will be. If he's going to insist on using a car cover, he's going to have to learn to live with the scratches that will inevitable find their way onto his paint.

    If he wants to have that deep, rich, wet black looking paint, then the way to do that is for your to create a perfectly level surface with a proper paint correction and application of an appropriate form of protection (wax, sealant or coating). He will have to commit to maintaining the work you have done by either learning how to wash the car properly, or paying you to maintain it for him properly.

    You cannot put a glaze on the paint prior to surface cleansing polish, as the surface cleansing polish will remove the glaze.

    Is the car single stage paint? Don't take this the wrong way, but it doesn't sound like you really know what you are doing here as m205 on a microfiber cutting disc seems like way too aggressive of a process on black paint (especially if it's single stage) as a finishing step before protection.
    Cherry on Top Auto Detailing, Fishkill NY

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    Re: Steps to Paint Coating

    No, the car is not single stage paint. He had a frame off restoration done, therefore its clear coated. What would you suggest instead of using the 205/microfiber combo?

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