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    I bought a 40$ 5hp rigid from HD and haven't looked back since. Came with a brush attachment, a big floor one for wood chips and stuff on the garage floor, a skinny attachment for tight quarters, and a bigger one for open spaces.
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    Re: Best vacuum for under $40?

    I have a shop vac brand I got a couple years ago at lowes during a black Friday sale (I got there at noon and plenty left, I'm not crazy and shopping at 5 in the morning) for 30 bucks. Plenty of power and even blows so I also use it during my drying to get the nooks and crannies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swanicyouth View Post
    I just bought this Shop Vac at Lowes for 30 bucks. It's 2.5 HP, which is awesome for a Shop Vac this small

    The only thing is, it doesn't hold a ton of stuff before emptying. I'm very pleased with it. It's powerful enough to lift the carpet up off the floor, and ,sucks liquids out of carpets well. Also , it hangs up out of the way on your wall, as space is important to me.
    Have the same one and the bigger one I found out if your filter gets old you need to replace this will get you more suction does this happen to you?
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    Re: Best vacuum for under $40?

    I tested it out (the Hurricane vacuum) Best Car Vacuum Cleaner ★ September 2018 - STUNNING Reviews [Updated] + BONUS over the weekend and was impressed by it. The suction power is very decent by 12v standards, and I did manage to suck up all dust and beach sand grains from my carpet mats. You get four attachments with it (more than you'll ever need), the flat carpet brush, the thin nozzle extension for tight cracks, a brush with 1/2 inch long thick bristles (this is the one I used) and an extension hose - which I didn't use.

    I could clean the mats and the roof with ease and, also suck the bits out of cubby holes and boot space. I kept the car idling all the time I was using the vacuum. The wire is long enough to reach all corners and boot of my Swift hatchback. I used it continuously for up to 15 mins and it didn't heat up.

    The dust collecting mechanism is too good. It contains a HEPA filter and there is a flap that prevents the dust from coming out when you are using the vacuum. The dust collector is transparent so you can see how much is accumulated. You basically remove the front end transparent cover and empty the collected dust. The HEPA filter could be cleaned by gently tapping in on the wall or use pressurized air if you have access to it. The filter is similar to the paper fiber like filter used for car AC blower.

    Overall, I think INR 1600 were well spent. Cleaning the base carpet was always an issue with me trying to pick up the bits with a damp cloth. Similarly, cleaning the cubby holes and the space tyre boot space. I suggest you go for it, it works well.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Best vacuum for under $40?

    A Compact/TriStar canister vac (can be found at garage sales for <$40 maybe $15 tops)

    I sometimes use mine when I'm vacing my car because I use a motorized nozzle for carpeted floors & seats

    Gives my Ridgid shop vac a 'break' because the Ridgid doesn't have electric outlet for motorized brush like the Compact

    My parents bought the TriStar (Compact) new back in the 1980s; but the new TriStar cost $2500+ when salesperson comes to your house for in-home demo

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    Re: Best vacuum for under $40?

    pic of compact/tristar vac with wessel werk power brush (its electric powered instead of powered by turbine; so the electric brush doesnt slow/ bog down like the turbo brush)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Best vacuum for under ?-floor-matic-8-21-2013-01-29-40-jpg  

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