Cantilever Carport??  No room for full garage-00c540a5d04d70b860c4aec8b20e89f3-jpgCantilever Carport??  No room for full garage-palram-carports-703727-64_1000-jpg
Anyone here have any experience with a cantilever style carport/car cover?
We are wanting to add some covered parking and we can't fit a garage but we can definitely fit a 1 sided cover like this. Unfortunately I am only seeing a few options. Is there a specific name for these? The 1st one pictured looks like it would be large enough but it isn't an English site . The 2nd one I can get here but it may be too small.

I'd like to have room to add lighting and detail under it as well. Due to restrictions we can't build within so many feet of our property line so a 1 sided structure like this may be a perfect option