So I know many here like the Scrub Ninja for interiors....
I have yet to use the Scrub Ninja myself but this is the description for the Scrub Ninja Max material/product for their wheel cleaning tool
Other options as noted = their other wheel cleaning tool is Microfiber based.

*This cover is more aggresive than the other options. It can scratch delicate wheels especially painted black. *

So herein lies the question.
Whether it be color coated leather, dyed leather. The painted finish on plastics. I suppose all interior bits I am asking with the Scrub Ninja material

Is the scrub ninja potentially inducing micro-scratches that we may not see in the short term ? - but is causing damage nontheleast ?
In their descriptor of the material , it kinda suggest it may. (I've never used a scrub ninja but one is on a recent order)

For example, the greatest wear to a seat cover is just dirt right. We keep it clean, any micro dirt/micro particles doesn't *abrade* the surface as we sit on it, get in past the seat bolster, etc.
Unless I am mis-reading their descriptor wrong on the Scrub Ninja material for paint, I don't see why it would be safe for interior bits.


Called AutoFiber post this OP for clarity

Same material but the aggressiveness on the wheel blade is just different than the interior ones.
I suppose in summary, the interior ones should not do any --damage--