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    Mobile detailers... what do you guys pay entry level employees?

    Hey guys, Been a crazy year this year and I must say I am too busy, I am the most unavailable detailer cuz of my schedule but i have nailed down a few fleet accounts and seem to be jammed up for a month in advance.

    I need to hire a guy but how should I pay them. Right now my prices are all over but im worried ill loose profit with hiring a guy but i need the help. Mobile work as most of you know is tuff,, heat..big trucks, ladders, all that. Im in Maryland so gets unpredictable weather here. I want to pay a guy but hell McDonalds is starting at $15 /hr Do you guys pay your guys hourly or per job. Or do you base it on the situation. Again, this isnt a full time job i only do this on the weekends but i am busy and need the help just want to see what you guys think is fair.

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    Re: Mobile detailers... what do you guys pay entry level employees?

    So could this be a side gig for the future person since your saying its only weekend work?

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    Re: Mobile detailers... what do you guys pay entry level employees?

    I don't employ people but I can still give you some advice from past experience. As a business owner, you should aim to pay employes about 25% of income for the job. This will allow to cover for expenses and profit for the business. So that means you have to be more careful about what you charge for the jobs. A lot of self employed people charge as if this was a salary, so they figure how much they want to make and charge that. This won't work if you want employes.

    I feel that 20$ per hour is the minimum acceptable wage for working as a detailer. So if you want to pay your employes 20$ per hour, you need to charge your client 80$ per man hour. In other words, if you are gonna work side by side with the employe, you need to charge 160$ per hour to the client. Otherwise, you will be loosing revenue and would be better off increasing your prices to get less jobs and keep working by yourself. That is what I chose to do.

    Hope this helps

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