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    Blackfire SiO2 spray and Blackfire Synthetic Spray wax

    What’s the best way to use these two together?

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    Re: Blackfire SiO2 spray and Blackfire Synthetic Spray wax

    I would lay down the spray sealant first, then maintain with the synthetic spray wax as needed. I have a few layers of the spray sealant on and it's a remarkable product. I used McKess extender spray wax this weekend over the sealant. Fantastic results.
    2018 Colorado ZR2

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    Re: Blackfire SiO2 spray and Blackfire Synthetic Spray wax

    Since they’re both Sealants; and in order
    to get first-hand feedback; there are two
    ways to approach “using them together”:
    two “Test Spots”, as it were.


    -First, pick a panel (such as a hood) that is
    as free and clear of contaminates as possible
    to use as the recipient of the “Test Spots”.

    -Next, apply either one of the two Sealants
    (your choice) to 1/2 of the panel.

    -Then, apply the other of the two Sealants
    to the other remaining 1/2 of the panel.

    -To get the most of the benefits that Sealants
    have to offer, it has, most often, been a Best
    Practice to allow them to have a cure-time in
    a dry environment. (It’s one of those processes
    that has a wide range—varying, believe it or not,
    anywhere between a 1-24 hr time period!)

    -In this situation, let’s go for at least 8-12
    hours, if at all feasible.
    (If not feasible? Give it your best shot...)


    After the allotted cure-time is completed,
    apply the two Sealants to the panel halves
    in the reverse order that they were originally
    applied. Make note of their ease of application,
    etc., etc.

    After another obligatory cure-time...
    “the tale of the tape” should be readily
    observable to the eye-of-the-beholder.


    Hope this helps in answering your
    thread-starter’s inquiry.

    "Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk."
    ~Joaquin de Setanti

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