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Thread: Liquid Ebony

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    Liquid Ebony

    I remember a product called Liquid Ebony back in the 70s. It was a glaze and back then cars did not have clear coat. Someone told me that a glaze by Granitize is real close to Liquid Ebony. What are your thoughts on this product?

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    Senior Member BobbyG's Avatar
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    Re: Liquid Ebony

    I never used it but do remember some that did.

    From what I can recall it reminded me more of a glaze and was very oily so I think it would fill or mask some of the minor defects.

    Detailing products is one area that the saying; "they don't make them like that anymore" is probably a good thing!

    BobbyG - 2004 Millennium Yellow Z06 Corvette

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    Director of Training Mike Phillips's Avatar
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    Re: Liquid Ebony

    I was calling on body shops and detail shops as a Trainer for Meguiar's back in the late 80's and came across a lot of guys using this stuff in detail shops.

    Never used it myself but remember reading on the label that it contained mineral oil.

    I watched a guy use a wool pad on a rotary buffer with this product on a red Ferrari and look me in the eyes and tell me,

    "I'm so good I don't put swirls into the paint"

    I actually tried to tell him it wasn't about how "great" he was, it was about the fact that the individual fibers that make up a wool pad cut into and instill swirls into paint and the Liquid Ebony was simply masking these swirls to his eyes.

    That went right over his head and he continued to swirl out the Ferrari...

    This was at Ron Tonkin's "Gran Turismo" exotic car dealership in the Portland area. Somewhere I have pictures of a detailing class Terry Richards and I put on for a Porsche club at these facilities...

    You might be able to find some on eBay?

    Mike Phillips
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    Senior Member ScottB's Avatar
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    Re: Liquid Ebony

    Oh how I remember Liquid Ebony for polishing .... to bad the bottle never warned "DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT". Its glazing properties did however make black cars look super wet.


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    Re: Liquid Ebony

    Wow thats some old memeries, It was a god send for cars that had to go. looks great for a while but than washes away. As for the newer product I'm not sure. Probably have some liquid ebony in my garage somewhere.

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