Re: Question Counter Weight Porter Cable
OK; question about counter weights; I just bought the Lake County Hydro-Tech 4" foam pads, and also a backing plate for these pads. When I use these pads on my older model Porter-Cable the machine gets very hot! The motor gets VERY hot that is. No problem when I put on the 6.5 Cobra pads, or my older Meguiar's pads.. The counter weight on the P-C is the same that came with the P-C when I purchased it. Any ideas as to why the motor heats up so much with the 4" pads? All other factors are equal. I orginally bought these pads to use on my motorcyle, but also thought I could use them on parts of my car .So do I need additional counter weights?

Thanks to Mike for his great advice on buffers, I ordered The Porter Cable 7424 XP Variable Speed Polisher this past Saturday.

I still plan on using the older model for odds and ends.