So I finally got started on this project again. Getting cold here in NEPA so I had to move this operation into my shop. Im very happy with the results from using the G9 With a orange pad and Blackfire one step. Not so happy with the G9. I got 3/4 of the way through polishing the camper and the tool started cutting out . Called Autogeek and sent it back. I attached some pictures. The one side of the camper I cant quite completely get the rain lines out of the paint. I tried taking pictures of what Im talking about. You have to look closely where the light is reflecting off the camper. Its like the sun baked them in there. Anyway should I try using a more aggressive pad or polish??? Any help appreciated always.Newbie and need help.-img_2715-jpgNewbie and need help.-img_2718-jpgNewbie and need help.-img_2729-jpgNewbie and need help.-img_2731-jpgNewbie and need help.-img_2732-jpg