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    Remove mold from single stage paint?

    Long story coming... My dad is 81 years old, a retired mechanic who knows how to work with his hands. He taught me almost everything I know about fixing things. He used to impart such wise words as "Pain hurts and fire burns" and "Don't force it, use a bigger hammer." He helped me refinish the hardwood floors in my first house and they looked really great. He knows how to make things work and make them shine.... Usually.

    He came for a visit a couple weeks ago and told me about his old Plymouth Rampage. He has had this car for many years, even took an auto painting class at the community College and repainted it corvette yellow himself.

    It doesn't fit in the garage (my mom's car goes there) so he has it outside with a cover on it. Well this summer he uncovered it and found mold in the paint. So he proceeded to tell me how he tried to remove it. I nodded as he mentioned trying some cleaner, then using Megs ultimate compound using a drill attachment, but he said that didn't work.

    You may want to stop reading now.... Because then he told me how he got out the "Scrubbing pads with a sponge in one end" and that didn't work either so he got out the tough ones. I cringed as I asked "You mean the Scotch-Brite pads?" and yes, that was what he meant.

    Hold onto your hats, it gets worse. That still didn't work, so he got out some 400 grit sandpaper. And when that STILL didn't work, he used 180 grit and it finally came out. My heart sank.

    So yesterday he asked if he could come by and we could use some of my stuff to try to fix it up. Of course (anything to keep him from using more sandpaper!) So there was still evidence of some mold and a lot of discoloration where the mold had eaten the paint. This is where I made my first mistake. I assumed that because he had to get so aggressive that the paint was pretty hard. So I got out the 5 inch microfiber pad and some ultimate compound and hit a test spot. You can see from the picture of the pad (one unused, one used) how big that mistake was. Thankfully he had laid this paint on pretty thick, so we were able to switch to a light cutting pad and get things looking like the third picture, from the first. I showed him how, and gave him all my stuff to take home with him (he doesn't like to stay too long, still very worried about the virus) so he can continue to work. Attached are the before and after pictures of the test area.

    So my question is how should you remove mold like this? Did we do it right?

    Remove mold from single stage paint?-20200926_113046-jpg

    Remove mold from single stage paint?-20200926_124050-jpg

    Postscript: it won't let me attach the picture of the microfiber pad. It was VERY yellow.

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    Re: Remove mold from single stage paint?

    The yellow is paint transfer. That happens with single stage paint.

    I'd try an APC cleaner and maybe a Magic Eraser.

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    Re: Remove mold from single stage paint?

    Ditto with what Dublow said---single stage paint always transfer it's color on to pads.

    Doubt you'll ever get all mold out of the paint. I was able to pull most of the mold out my 64 Olds.

    Did the Meguiar's # 7 treatment.
    Take a terry cloth towel and # 7 and rub it in paint hard.
    Let it sit overnight. Pull it off with clean terry cloth towel.
    Repeat...May take 3-5 applications to gradually pull out all dirt and mold in paint.

    Learnt this from one of Mikes articles re reviving single stage paint here from the forum.

    Mr Tommy's
    Wash, Buff, Wax

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    Re: Remove mold from single stage paint?

    Quote Originally Posted by muaddba View Post

    So my question is how should you remove mold like this? Did we do it right?
    Apologies I found this so late and am replying so late. You posted this on a Sunday, the third day of my most recent 3-day detailing class. About an hour after you posted this we were doing the Certificate Ceremony and "yes" the Cadillac in the background has the original single stage paint and the class washed it with Comet and then buffed it out with BLACKFIRE One Step.

    Besides teaching the class, afterwards I'm DOG TiRed and I still have to come in on Monday, clean-up the garage a little and set-up for IDA Skills Validation Testing. Then I get Tuesday off. When I return to work on Wednesday I'm about a week behind in all my other job duties and still have a messy garage and cars to deal with.

    See here,

    Pictures: 2020 September 3-Day Detailing Bootcamp Class

    As to your question - first here's one of the pictures,

    As to the remedy - like Tom mentioned - single stage paints, except for white, tend to be softer than clearcoats - so you have to be careful.

    IF the paint was also oxidized - I would have gently washed it with Comet - it has BLEACH in it and this would have removed the mold. Then I would have machine polished the paint using FOAM pads and any normal free spinning random orbital polisher. BLACKFIRE One Step would be a great product for this paint.

    The COMET Technique by Mike Phillips - 1965 Cadillac - Original Single Stage Paint - Slam job by Mike Phillips

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
    Mike Phillips Facebook Page
    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials
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