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    Director of Training Mike Phillips's Avatar
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    11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    July 10th 2009 is my official start date for when I came to work for Autogeek from Meguiar's in Southern, California.

    I love my job. When people ask me what I do for a living, I usually say,

    I show people how to remove swirls

    And I'd say most people don't get it.

    Of course I share a few more details so the do get it.

    And while I do a lot of other things as a part of my job, it is true, I have invested a large part of my life not simply showing people how to remove swirls but the bigger picture, I teach people the craft of detailing cars and the art of polishing paint.

    Through just this forum, my work reaches thousands, even tens of thousands of people each week simply from the volume of how-to articles I've written in the last 11 years. Also via my product reviews, which are really how-to articles in an of themselves.

    And then the tens of thousands of of replies I've typed out to questions on this forum, which also tend to be like how-to articles.

    As of this morning, here's 2 current screenshots showing the stats.

    I share how-to info on Facebook too and post to Instagram - but neither are ideal for sharing actual "how-to information". They're both great social media platforms but to date, videos on YouTube and how-to articles with pictures on forum software are still the most effective way to translate information in a manner that people can actually take action on it.

    Anyways, I wanted to make a post today to note today is my 11 year anniversary here at Autogeek. There's a lot of people that work here behind the scenes that have been here much longer and even more people that are new to the team.

    The path from small town car guy to Autogeek

    I get asked all the time,

    How did you get started in this industry?

    Like any other detailer, I started out as a car guy in a small town i Oregon. Sad to say, I don't have any pictures of my first car, a hotrod Model T, former 1/4 Race Car. I only have a few pictures of my second car and none of my third car, etc.

    1948 Plymouth Coupe

    Dennis Gage Interview

    I tell the story about the Plymouth in the picture above and how I got into this industry in the interview I did with Dennis Gage on his TV show, "My Classic Car".

    Back in 2019 I typed out the below article to share my background, this was mostly a part of marketing the classes I teach for Autogeek. Seems there's a lot of classes and more and more people teaching classes and that's a real plus for our industry. At the same time, we're all competing for customers or students to attend these classes and I'll put my credentials up against anyone else's credentials any day of the week. It also photo-documents a portion of my work history.

    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials - Know and trust who's teaching your class

    It's a real challenge to represent so many different brands and the thousands of products sold on the AG store but I love the challenge and it's always rewarding helping others to reach their goals even if all their goal is - is to remove some swirls out of the paint on their car.

    It's been a good run so far here at Autogeek and these last 11 years have flown by....

    As I type, the sun is coming out and I'm on the last day of my staycation. So with that said, I'm heading to the pool.

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
    Mike Phillips Facebook Page
    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials
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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    Congratulations Mike on your 11 year anniversary!

    Thank you for your time and dedication to helping people detail their cars! I consider you one of the best teachers in the industry. I've learned so much from you and this forum over the years.

    Wishing you many more fruitful and successful years to come!

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    Congratulations Mike ! Thanks for all your guidance , much appreciated.
    2018 CaymanS, 2016 BMW M4
    2015 Lexus IS 350
    2016 Ford F150

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    I remember hearing this and more of your story at your classes Mike, you’ve had some awesome rides to talk about whether cars, trucks or race boats. Congrats on 11 years and all the success with Autogeek Online, you’ve helped countless of us, thank you!
    Alumni Autogeek's first ever Roadshow Detailing Class Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    644 How-To threads! That's dedication.

    Plus all the video's. Working with Yancy on Tuesdays must be a trip.
    2018 Mythos Black Audi S6

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    Congrats Mike. Well deserved.

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    Congrats mike, when I think of auto geek Mike Phillips is always in that picture, you have always explained things very thoroughly and extremely helpful. I remember 7 years ago being on here and it was always so nice to receive help and ask questions.

    Its really something when people actually enjoy what they do for a living and it shows.

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    Congrats and THANKS Mike! Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours reading, learning and trying new products. Enjoy the pool!

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    Happy Anniversary Mike. Thank you again for all that you do and you DO A LOT!

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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    Mike I been asking my inner self if I made a mistake for choosing auto detail. Here’s my answer
    My goal in life is to love God, family and myself. To love others and treat others right.

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