Great responses in this thread.

As far as going by experience, since it seems hard to determine coating longevity and price by ingredients or marketing:
Last year I attempted to make a list of just ceramic toppers and coating lite sprays, and put each into one of 3 longevity categories. Note that none of these are true coatings, but a similar exercise could be assumed for coatings. The 3 category duration ranges are fairly wide, because it’s hard to narrow durations due to different environments and paints. So the categories were only guesses for range that certain products may last in mild/moderate US weather.

Anyways, I know OP wasn’t asking about longevity, but one of the findings was that price doesn’t directly relate to longevity. As Budget mentioned, many factors such as ease of use, perceived gloss, etc. go into the marketing and price point that manufacturers set. Some are good value, some are a little bit extra shine for a lot more money to perceivably get that “special look”. Link of the thread on the sister site is below, but as mentioned, it mainly focuses on ceramic spray durations. Not sure it helps OP in anyway besides realizing that ingredients and price don’t really correlate directly to functional characteristics.

2019 Beginner`s List of SiO2 Spray Products