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    Paint discolouration of White Car

    Hi Mike

    Apologies if something like this has been discussed in detail - couldn't pull up anything relevant from the search option.

    Car in discussion:
    2014 VW Polo Sedan
    Colour: Candy White (non metallic)
    I am the first owner since 2014

    Detailing products used:
    1. Clay Bar (Pinnacle Ultra)
    2. Buffed using Meguiars Ultimate Compound using a DA polisher at Low Speed (1500 rpm)
    3. Pad used was CCS 7.5 inch Smart Pads™ Curved Edge Foam
    4. Sealant used was Ultima Paint Guard Plus

    This car has been sitting mostly in a covered (only the roof - other 4 sides are open) garage for last 3 years. Not cared much as my Chauffeur has limited knowledge about paint care, added to this it was washed not too properly (i.e. hand washed with tap water and then dried using a rough towel though car shampoos were used all the time), there are some unknowns too as it was sitting in service centre for 4 weeks due to injector issues. Now I am trying to put some life back into it.

    Steps followed:

    As usual clay + Buffing using Ultimate Compound.

    My Concern:

    The yellow-ish (or orange ish) paint on the rear left door and front left quarter panel. Not sure what caused it? The most common reason I have checked is: paint imperfection. This car was never repainted (though there is a possibility that dishonest chauffeur or service centre might have done it some time in the past ) but is there any other reason I see this discolouration? What is the best way to fix it? I don't want a hard buffing just as a trial as the paint is almost 6 years old now. When I last saw the car almost 3 years back there was no such visible discolouration.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Paint discolouration of White Car-image-2-vento-jpgPaint discolouration of White Car-img_2855-jpg

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Paint discolouration of White Car

    I'm not Mike. But it looks like the drivers door where repainted. How do you think that the other side looks on the car and other parts as well? Candy paints can be tricky to get it to color match. And if used a non candy paint it's usually getting a more clear and bright finish from it.

    The other thing a little depending on the color of the CCS pad you used and how many passes per sections you buffed with. Is that you you might have some fallout on the paint that didn't get off by the mild clay bar and if where a soft CCS pad you used. An iron remover on the yellowing paint and see if you get a lot of bleeding reaction from it would be saying it is so.

    A third option is that the door has been shaded while the sun has been high up. And the other parts exposed to the sun. If it's an environment where you have this car with a lot of UV rays. And been standing during the day in a way like this. The UV can have gotten the paint on the front fender and back side passenger door to get older faster. This is possible if the rest of the is like the color on the drivers door.

    So much depends on the environment it's in and if it's just the front fender and back drivers side passenger door that has this. Or if it's the drivers door that only is brighter than the other parts of the paint.

    Some details to look up closer or if you only know of them. That makes it easier to point out a possible problem. And I might have been not thinking on another cause it can be.

    / Tony

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    Re: Paint discolouration of White Car

    i also think the door was repainted. candy white isnt bright white. does the color on the front fender(fronts are fenders-back behind the door is the quarter panel) match the hood? what about the rear door and quarter panel- does that match?

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    Re: Paint discolouration of White Car

    Can you post better pictures of the vehicle in sunlight? Only the drivers side front fender and rear passenger door look Yellow-ish? The rest of the vehicle looks White like the drivers side front door?

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