How to remove EPOXY overspray?

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So I get an e-mail asking,

I have a huge overspray job (30+ cars) and am having trouble removing the leftover epoxy paint from the construction company, any adhesive removers you’d suggest? I’ve been using goof off but it’s a struggle.. can you use mineral spirits on clear coat??

Thanks for any help!!


Great question John. And thank you for attending the Texas Roadshow Class this year.

All I can recommend is XENIT by Stoners. I have used it to remove DOT or Department of Transportation paint off car body panels. The key is to dampen a microfiber towel wit the orange oils and then HOLD the towel against the affected area and let time go by to enable the oils to penetrate the overspray and thus loosen it so it can be wiped off.

Not a fast process. Might not work for doing industrial size job.

And Mineral Spirits are safe on clearcoats.

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