Beginners Machine Polishing Class in Austin, Texas - June 1st

Saturday morning we will go over 8mm free spinning random orbital polishers and specifically the Griotís Garage 6Ē Random Orbital Polisher.

The Griotís Garage 6Ē Random Orbital Polisher is the best and most powerful Polisher in the 8mm free spinning category. Youíll see this first hand when you take this class.

You will also be using Pinnacle compounds and polished as well as Buff and Shine pads.

And there will be all the microfiber towels you need.

This class takes place after the early morning class on extreme washing tools and techniques.

This class starts at 6:30am!

Thatís because itís the first class of the day followed by a RUPES class, then a Griots BOSS Class followed by a FLEX class!

No Chairs. No Sitting. All hands-on training. 100% FUN!

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