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    Cool Dirty Fire trucks at the local VFD

    My first post on this forum

    Thank you for the resource

    I recently joined the VFD because they were so short handed and the members are way up in the years.
    they were down to six active members answering calls and one of those members is 82 , others in their 70s
    We still need some more manpower

    i noticed right away the trucks were dirty and the paint, glass, chrome.....everything has tons of water spots
    old dried up water spots

    My plan is to go slowly and tackle one at a time and hope to get the trucks looking better

    i was planning to start with an Alumibrite

    How about tell me how to tackle this rather large task and what products you suggest

    im one of the youngest guys @ 59 years......

    i like rejex it a viable choice after they are cleaned ?

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    Re: Dirty Fire trucks at the local VFD

    I'm still looking for a suggestion on what product to use to clean off the water spots on these trucks with the least amount of elbow grease and also to brighten the diamond plate and chrome

    us old geezers don't have the stamina in the heat and humidity

    once we get them clean.......what would you suggest

    on my boat and pickup I use Ultima Paint Guard.......but I think that maybe there is something better and I just don't know what it is


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    Re: Dirty Fire trucks at the local VFD

    I'd start with a good car soap ,I imagine your budget is small so I will suggest Meguiars products,the most bang for the buck for you old geezers,lol

    I like Ultimate Car wash myself and outfit everyone washing with some decent wash mitts and chamois,or drying cloths.

    For polishing up the fire trucks I will suggest Meguiars Ultimate Compound followed up by Ultimate Polish and NXT wax.

    You can apply this stuff by hand ,a little orbital wax machine or a high speed random orbital.

    Hope this helps
    “I have trouble with names and faces, but I never forget a car.”

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    Dirty Fire trucks at the local VFD

    Don’t have much experience with water spots, but here’s a start. Not sure which is the best water spot remover, but it’ll give you the process at least.


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