Hi Mike,

I have been using BF SRC Compound & polish on Harley Davidsons for years now . I like it because it takes the super soft Harley paint down slowly (anyone who knows me know I don't get in a hurry).

What are the differences in the two & why did it change?

Is it going to cut faster ?

Will it play well with the SRC polish?

I really wish developers would consider that making changes is not always the best decision.

Remember NEW COKE?

Not that I do not like to try new products ,I do.

The industry has grown by leaps & bounds in the past 35 years+ I have been in it.
Maybe keep both so the customer can choose to make a change & not be forced into it.

Or a Overlap period .
maybe some customer service call or email telling former users of the change???

My Point? Bluntly. I don't like to be forced to experiment on a customers $40,000.00 Harley Davidson.

I Love AutoGeek.

SR66. AKA Rob Harley Detailer