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Mike Phillips
09-05-2015, 01:17 PM
McKee’s RV Repel Glass Cleaner - 32 ounce (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/rough-draft/94951-mckee-s-rv-repel-glass-cleaner-32-ounce.html)

Foolproof glass cleaning!


Consider McKee’s RV Repel Glass Cleaner a prescription for those that struggle with cleaning glass – if you’ve read this far then you’re one of those people! Relax, because the age-old issue of clean, streak-free glass has come to an end thanks to McKee’s RV Repel Glass Cleaner. Use it to clean windshields, interior windows, bathroom mirrors and any other glass surface on or in your RV. The alcohol and ammonia-free formula is 100% tint safe.

Repel was an appropriate name for our glass cleaner because the built-in water repellent keeps treated surfaces cleaner in between washes. Water will bead up and roll off your windshield, taking bugs and road film with it. The repellent creates an anti-static and anti-haze coating on interior windows and mirrors, which makes them a breeze to keep clean. Oh, and it’s 100% tint safe.

Use on

Exterior glass...
And glass top stoves...

McKee’s RV Repel Glass Cleaner can even be used to clean television screens and microwaves. The powerful formula lifts greasy fingerprints, dust and dirt without streaking or hazing the surface. With a few swipes of your glass towel treated surfaces will be left clean and streak-free.

By now you understand that McKee’s RV Repel Glass Cleaner has a multitude of different uses. Here’s Bob’s favorite: keeping windshield wipers clean improves performance and extends the life of the blades. Spray a little bit of Repel Glass Cleaner directly onto a microfiber towel and gently run the length of the blade between your thumb and index finger. You’ll be surprised just how much dirt and grime has built up on your windshield wiper blades.

32 oz.

Made in USA

At McKeesRV.com

McKee’s RV Repel Glass Cleaner - 32 ounce (http://www.mckeesrv.com/mckee-rv-glass-cleaner.html)


Mike Phillips
09-14-2015, 03:24 PM
Works great for all types of glass surfaces not just windows....

Use on interior and exterior glass...



And glass top stoves...


07-04-2018, 09:57 AM
Sorry to bump this old thread, but figured it'd be a good place to ask...has anyone used this that can say if it's similar to Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner? That stuff is really, really awesome but way too expensive for me to use regularly compared to something like D120.

I picked up a few bottles of this on closeout for 8 bucks a pop just on the off chance that it works the same. That + the 25% off sale made for a great deal regardless but thought I'd ask anyway and maybe someone else that likes the Wolfgang stuff can take advantage of it.