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Mike Phillips
09-05-2015, 12:43 PM
McKee’s RV Leather/Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner - 32 ounce (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/rough-draft/94941-mckee-s-rv-leather-vinyl-cleaner-conditioner-32-ounce.html)

One-step cleaning AND conditioning for your RV’s interior!


McKee’s RV Leather/Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner safely cleans and conditions all vinyl and leather surfaces found in your RV. Use it on vinyl dashboards, leather upholstery, rubber door seals and vinyl seat cushions. Gentle cleaners remove embedded dirt, grime and sun tan lotion while conditioning agents penetrate the material, leaving a soft, supple finish that is well protected. Leather/Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner dries to the touch and will not leave surfaces slick or overly shiny.

Cleans, conditions and protects leather and vinyl surfaces in ONE step!

Dries to the touch!
You don’t ignore your RV’s fiberglass and gel coat exterior, so why ignore your leather and vinyl interior? Vinyl dashboards contain plasticizer oils that will leach out of the material if not cleaned and protected on a regular basis. Leather, when not properly cared for, becomes dry and brittle over time. McKee’s RV Leather/Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner contains durable UV inhibitors that help vinyl dashboards retain their vital plasticizer oils along with conditioning oils that keep leather soft and supple. It’s a true one-step solution to all your leather and vinyl care needs.

If there’s one aspect of RV detailing that Bob McKee, the owner and founder of McKee’s RV, doesn’t care for, it’s leather and vinyl care. Why? Well, up until the inception of his product line, the only available options (and yes, there were many) were all complicated multi-step systems that could make your head spin! Plus, they often left a greasy, oily sheen behind. Choosing the best leather and vinyl care products was confusing to say the least. That’s why he decided to take the simple approach to leather and vinyl care by creating a single product that covers all your leather and vinyl cleaning and conditioning needs.

Bob loves leather and vinyl care now that he has a product that cleans, conditions, and protects in one step. For those of you that like to keep it simple – we have a feeling that describes anyone who has read this far – you’ll be pleased to hear that, even though this is a one-step solution to leather and vinyl care, there are no compromises with its cleaning or conditioning abilities.

McKee’s RV Leather/Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner cleans as well as a dedicated cleaner and maintains and protects like a dedicated conditioner. If you’re wondering how we managed to formulated a product that accomplishes both, it’s called good chemistry!

32 oz.

Made in USA

At McKeesRV.com

McKee’s RV Leather/Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner - 32 ounce (http://www.mckeesrv.com/best-rv-leather-vinyl-cleaner-conditioner.html)


Mike Phillips
09-15-2015, 08:25 AM
All-in-One leather/vinyl cleaner and conditioners are actually your best friend when ti comes to keeping leather and vinyl surfaces clean and looking new?


Because it makes fast work of taking care of these surfaces.

One product.
A couple of clean microfiber towels.
BOOM - You're done!

Kind of goes with what I've been telling people for years now in the forum world,

"Find something you like and use it often"

Cleans, conditions and protects leather and vinyl surfaces in ONE step


Dries to the touch!