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Mike Phillips
09-05-2015, 12:40 PM
McKee's RV Wash & Wax On The Go - 32 ounce (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/rough-draft/94940-mckee-s-rv-wash-wax-go-32-ounce.html)

Wash and wax your RV in minutes – without using a hose, bucket, brush or water!


McKee's RV Wash & Wax On-The-Go provides an environmentally-friendly way of washing and waxing your RV. No hose, bucket, brush or free-flowing source of water is required. Formulated with high-lubricity cleaning agents and real carnauba wax, McKee's RV Wash & Wax On-The-Go cleans, shines and protects your RV in minutes; it can even be used in direct sunlight! Use on all hard surfaces inside and outside of your RV.

Prepare to be amazed! McKee's RV Wash & Wax On-The-Go will quickly become one of your most reached for RV care products thanks to its time saving abilities. If your RV isn’t in need of a traditional wash with a hose and bucket, a few quick sprays of McKee's RV Wash & Wax On-The-Go will remove dirt and grime, restoring a just-waxed shine in minutes. It's that easy!

McKee's RV Wash & Wax On-The-Go is formulated using high-lubricity cleaning agents that safely lift dirt and grime, allowing it to be wiped away without scratching the finish or creating a smeary mess. The high-grade carnauba wax imparts a glossy, slick finish that will trick friends and family into thinking you just spent all day waxing and polishing your RV.

32 oz.

Made in USA

At McKeesRV.com

McKee's RV Wash & Wax On The Go - 32 ounce (http://www.mckeesrv.com/mckee-rv-waterless-wash.html)


Mike Phillips
09-18-2015, 04:55 PM
Use inside and outside and never need a hose or wash bucket!

Use on exterior surfaces


Interior - including countertops


Spray onto microfiber towel...


...and wipe instrument panel clean!