View Full Version : Black Demo Hoods - Fresh Paint - Ready for Detail Fest!

Mike Phillips
03-17-2015, 06:25 PM
Black Demo Hoods - Fresh Paint - Ready for Detail Fest! (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/2015-autogeek-detailfest/89822-black-demo-hoods-fresh-paint-ready-detail-fest.html)

What's it take to put on a show like Detail Fest? A show where vendors like Flex, Rupes, Cyclo, Griot's, Nanoskin, 3M, Mothers, Meguiar's, etc, need a black demo hood to show off their products?

It takes black demo hoods.... freshly painted and ready to go!


Shout out to Paul and Frank at Grosso Garage for whipping these back into shape for Detail Fest!

:dblthumb2: :dblthumb2: :dblthumb2:

03-17-2015, 06:36 PM
And a BLACK COPO to polish up as well! I would think super slick shiny paint helps a little down the track ;)

03-18-2015, 01:01 AM
Right on! Fresh black hoods to demonstrate on.

That garage keeps getting sweeter! Good stuff.

Justin at Final Inspection
03-18-2015, 05:54 AM
Can't wait for Saturday.

Mike Phillips
03-18-2015, 06:31 AM
My buddy Frank removed any dents and deeper gouges that build up over time from use.

Next he told me he sprayed 6 heavy coats of clear.

I told him orange peel and DIP were not only perfectly fine but would be greatly appreciated!

I'm happy to say, he gave exactly what we wanted!