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Mike Phillips
10-01-2014, 09:53 AM
Meet & Greet - Detailing Boot Camp - September 2014 (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/pictures-saturday-detailing-101/85474-meet-greet-detailing-boot-camp-september-2014-a.html)

We held our traditional "Meet & Greet" on Saturday night after the first day of class at the Marriott Lounge as a time to enjoy some good food and get to know each other out of the work environment.

Bob McKee, President and CEO of Palm Beach Motoring Group stopped in to pay us a visit and the event itself was sponsored by Bob Eichelberg the President of Flex Tools North America.

From left to right....

Richard, Rick, Axel, Nick, Mike Phillips, Ron, Adam, Willy, Willy's wife, Sam, Bob McKee, Bob Eichelberg, Chris, Jeff, Kevin, Ron, Chris


Willy from Puerto Rico
Our Long Distance Traveler was Willy from Puerto Rico and Will was so kind as to bring some gifts including Bacardi Rum from Puerto Rico and also Puerto Rican Cigars!

From left to right....

Mike Phillips, Bob McKee, Willy from Puerto Rico, Chris from Flex Tools North America, Bob Eichelberg, President of Flex Tools North America and Nick!


That was over the top too nice of you Willy! And thank you!