View Full Version : Paint removal while wetsanding, compounding and polishing

04-25-2014, 08:23 PM
Larry just posted the most useful video for us detailers! I have been searching for this info for a while, I can't thank him enough!

Here it is:


I took the liberty of doing some math for you guys using Google converter, please someone check the math to make sure there are no mistakes. I rounded everything to make it easier so calculate a 1 micro error margin.

Wetsanding using a DA with unigrit 1500 followed by 3000 removes 0.85 Mils or 22 Microns from the original paint. I do not know what the error margin is so calculate this as an average and decide what wiggle room you want to consider acceptable.

Componding removes 0.37 Mils or 9 microns of paint. I do not know what compound was used but since this was done with the Meguiar's team I will assume M105.

Polishing removes 0.06 Mils or 2 microns of paint. Again I do not know what product what used, amount of passes and all that stuff but I will again assume that M205 was used.

If Larry wants to comment or correct anything here, please do so and I will edit the post. This should be made sticky because it is vital informaton for paint correction and I am sure it will benefit everyone here.

Also, I want to add a microscope to my arsenal. It's way better than pictures to see the before and after, we should all do this! I don't have a Mac but I am sure there is a similar product for PCs available somewhere.