View Full Version : First Orbital Polisher

04-23-2014, 08:17 AM
I realize the previous thread states that the Cyclo is newbie friendly, but is the cycle 5-pro a proper polisher to buy for the first time over a flex or a porter cable? Also I've always followed the two bucket wash method, waxed, and clay barred my truck but never anything more. Chime in if this is overkill or the proper procedures. I plan to start with a wash, then clay bar, paint cleansing lotion, swirl remover, polish, paint sealant, and last souveran wax. All products used will be Pinnacle besides the paint sealant, which is wolfgang(practically the same brand). Can all stages be done with the Cyclo or should I only use it for swirl remover and polish. Any advantages or disadvantages for certain stages whether applied by hand or machine? Thanks in advance I realize this is a long post.