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11-04-2013, 08:58 AM
Hey there

In South Africa we have a limited selection of detailing supplies available to us. Many things you lucky guys (and girls possibly) take for granted are not available to us without huge shipping costs. To have a product shipped sometimes more than _doubles_ the price. To illustrate the situation: we haven't had a local supply of ONR for almost a year. Sucks hey? Opticoat has never been available. NEVER

We do have an online detailing store. Just one :( which services the community. However they carry limited products from limited brands.

Could someone from the major suppliers like Opti, PB World, CG and any others which are active on the forum offer some input on how we can improve the situation. If the products were locally available (without having to sell internal organs to afford them :laughing:) it would be perfect. Maybe a partnership between AG and our online detailing store?