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05-05-2013, 03:09 PM
I am getting ready to detail my boat for the summer (see pic below). Durability and water-spot prevention is key. I welcome suggestions on what products and tips you have for my boat. Because it takes a long time to detail a boat, I am looking for a 1 or 2 step process for the gel coat.

Here is what I am planning:

1. Wash the boat and trailer with Meguiars Gel Wash (only because I already have some)

2. Clean interior and vinyl with Optimum Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner.

3. Dress vinyl with 303 Aerospace protectant. I welcome another product instead if you have a recommendation.

4. Meguiars Cleaner Wax (M50) to the gel coat applied with a DA. What color lake country pad? Gel coat is in excellent condition already. Is there a better cleaner/wax you suggest?

5. What should I top the M50 with? I am concerned M50 by itself won't be very durable but I have never used it before.

05-13-2013, 11:39 PM
Collinite paste wax 885 "best wax on the water!", or # 925(easier to apply/remove). I've had great success with Meg's M21 Synthetic Sealant.

05-14-2013, 12:29 AM
I know it's wet but your boat does have that "Wet look" lol

When doing a boat, is it the same as when doing a car? Swirls, sealant, wax etc...


05-14-2013, 05:46 AM
I love 303 aerospace for my boat, all above options are good, but I would add on 303 speed detailer, I use it on my decks since it has uv screening as well.

Mike Phillips
05-14-2013, 06:26 AM
Here's a two-step process I did last week...

Gel-Coat Oxidation Removal on 13" Boston Whaler (http://www.marine31online.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21)





What kind of boat are you working on?
How long is it?


05-15-2013, 11:40 AM
What kind of boat are you working on?
How long is it?


Here is the boat I am working on: 2007 Centurion Avalanche 22" wakeboard/wakesurf boat.


My progress so far:

Boat Cover

The canvas boat cover was very dirty and dusty. Cleaned it first using 303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner. After it was clean and dry, coated it with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard. I used 48oz to fully treat the cover. The fabric looks awsome after.



I hoped ot use one product for the entire interior. Started with Optimum Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner diluted 3:1. This did a good job on the gel coat interior, but was only OK on the vinyl. Switched to Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce and had better results with cleaning the vinyl. I used a horse hair brush to aggitate the cleaner and loosen the dirt in the vinyl. The horse hair brush worked much better then a stiffer nylon brush.

Any tips on what to coat the windows so water spray while boating sheets off?


Exterior-Gel Coat

the Gel Coat is already in very good condition. I started down one side using a polish I already had left over (HD Polish) with a LC white pad. The gel coat shined up quickly. Then applied Collinite 845. Now I was running out of time before dark and the wife thinks I already spent too much time working on the boat over the past few days. So for the other side of the boat I switched to some Zaino AIO I had left over. This still did a good job and I am pleased with the results. What I learned is I need to use a AIO on my boat. I just don't want to spend the time polishing, sealing, waxing. The result difference between the two sides is not enough for me to spend the extra time.

I am about to place an order for the Marine 31 products and will get their All-In-One Gel Coat Plish & Wax. This seems like the better product for me to use on my boat now that I learned I need an AIO. Each time I pull the boat out of the water, I think I will try the Marine 31 Gel Coat Spray Wax Plus. After sitting in the water for 1-5 days, water spots accumulate so I need a spray was/QD that will remove the water spots as well.


This is where I have a problem. See the spotting in the picture from water spots? I cannot get the pait to shine. There is no clear coat. I also need help with how to polish a trailer where the surface areas are narrow. I tried a a 4" LC Hydro-Tech Tangerine pad with polish to clean up the trailer. My pad was red from the trailer paint before long. I was also too worried about taking the pait off the edges since the surface is so narrow.



Any tips on how to better clean up the spotting on the trailer?