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01-25-2013, 07:18 PM
Hi all,

Serious newbie here ready to try my hand at cleaning up the paint on my vehicles. I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas so I used that to buy some pads and other supplies. I bought 6.5" pads and a 6" backing plate from Amazon. This is my first exposure to detailing with a DA machine and I tired to get a variety of pads. My Celica GTS has some oxidation and needs work, but my 91 300ZX is nice and clean but has some swirls. Both cars are white. I think I got what I would need for both jobs....

My question is concerning the pad density. It seems that someone messed up my order at Amazon. I ordered 1 each yellow, orange, green and blue. But I received 2 yellow with one of them in a bag marked " 6.5" Green Heavy Polishing". Then I thought maybe the green pad is now yellow?? But when I compare the 2 yellow pads they feel exactly the same and appear to have the same density. I came to the conclusion that one of the yellow pads was stuck in a green pad bag by mistake but I compared all of the pads and noted the following:

- The blue pad is the most flexible, least dense
- The orange pad (actually salmon colored?) feels the least flexible, most dense
- The yellow pads seem fairly flexible, somewhere between the blue and yellow in density

Shouldn't the yellow pads be denser and less flexible than the orange pad since it's a cutting pad and the orange is a light cutting pad? Is it possible to feel the difference in pads concerning density and flexibility or am I chasing my tail?

As far as the products I am planning to use, I bought some M205 for the slight z swirls. I already had some Medium Cut Cleaner M0116, and Ultimate Compound which I plan to try on the Celica. I'll follow up with NXT wax.

03-19-2013, 08:18 PM
In my opinion it may be best to search AG Lake Country make several different types of pads. The colors vary, CCS, Hydro, Flat pad, etc...

I suggest a test section to see what works on your paint. T
his is wear the rubber meets the road.
The end result is what we are looking for, rather than the color of pad.
The color is just a reference for ID purposes. Different manufactures use different colors for different pads. Megs, LC, buff & shine, 3M etc...

I how this helps you.