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10-16-2012, 01:19 AM
FLEX XC 3401, FLEX L3403, or FLEX PE14-2-150 for Gel Coat

I've used a PC 7424 on my ski boat that is babied...wax job 3x/year, stays on lift to keep it out of the water, and stays covered to keep UV rays off it. On a well kept 21' ski boat, the 7424 took a while, but worked great & is all I need.

My dad has a 31' trimaran. 6 sides instead of the typical two. It sits in a fresh water lake all summer, and brown stuff adheres to the side of the boat & I help him clean it up every fall/winter when we pull it out. Some weeks portions of the boat are covered with a tarp to reduce UV exposure.

In past years, we've cleaned it up with "On-Off Hull Cleaner" (Muriatic Acid), but if we can find a compound or cleaner that is a little less toxic, the strategy this winter would be to compound/polish the entire boat (except non-skid), including sides above & below the water line + the deck portion, and once that is done, apply wax (Collinite 885 is coming to mind).

The boat is all white, but there are signs of oxidation of the white gelcoat on the "above the water line" portion & the entire thing is in need of a wax job.

Would a FLEX XC 3401, FLEX L3403, or FLEX PE14-2-150, or something else be best suited for a 6 sided 31' boat?
...lets be honest, the 7424 works best with 5.5" pads instead of the 6.5" pads & there is no way we're doing a boat that big with 5.5" pads. :)
For the 1st pass, would you recommend a wool pad or foam cutting pad? How big can we go on pad sizes?
I assume the wax goes on with a LC Blue or Black pad just like it would on a car.

We've got roughly 500-600 sq ft of gel coat to clean up. How many pads are we looking at for a job this big?



10-16-2012, 01:28 AM
When we did our boat we used a makita rotary and a big ass wool pad with some 3m compound. Ill get you the name of the compound. The before and after is amazing and be prepared for alot of work. Gel Coat is really thick and your going to have some time invested for sure. 28 foot Bayliner took us 2 days.