View Full Version : Bruno still on a roll even with rain delays.

09-10-2012, 08:27 AM
Per Bruno:

The past two weeks have been a bit disappointing, as steady rain has won out in back to back weeks.

At the Lucas oil series event in Topeka, KS we qualified our Detailer’s Pro Series Chevy Cobalt #1 and were looking to build off of our latest victory from Brainerd MN, but the race was eventually rained out and rescheduled. Fast forward a few days to the “Mac Tools US Nationals” where we debuted our new Detailer’s Pro Series turbocharged Chevy dragster and the result was the same. We qualified #1, but eliminations were rained out again!


One bright spot of the weekend was being awarded “Best Engineered Car” at the US Nationals, an honor that I’m proud to pass along to my father and all the great companies that support our racing program.

It was also nice to see that we managed to squeeze onto the cover of this week’s “National Dragster,” despite the announcement of Mellow Yellow taking over the title rights to the NHRA drag racing series in 2013. In the attachments you can check out the cover page as well as the inside coverage from our big win at the “Lucas Oil Nationals” from MN.




With all the scheduling changes due to weather, it’s going to be a logistical nightmare as we try to lock up the NHRA World Championship in the coming weeks. Thursday we’ll be racing in Earlville, IA with the Cobalt for the rained out Topeka event, than running home to switch cars and be back at Indy with the dragster to complete the US Nationals on Saturday and Sunday. After that, its three in a row with stops in Oklahoma City, Dallas and St. Louis respectively! I guess if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth having…;)

Thanks for all of your support!
Bruno Massel JR