View Full Version : What is a "small amount" of product?

04-23-2012, 08:49 PM
I'm preparing to do my first detail on my car (2006 Mustang, in silver), and I have three poorboys products I got as a gift (white diamond, EX-P, and liquid Natty blue). I'll be applying by hand via CCS red wax/sealant applicator pads... All three of these products specify a "small amount" on foam applicator pad. Can someone tell me exactly what a small amount is? Maybe even a picture would be great. I don't want to overuse the product but I also don't want to scratch my paint by not having enough product on the pad or something like that.

I have one more question as well that I didn't want to make a second thread about, I got pinnacle ultra poly clay as well, but after reading the "I clayed my car and scratched it" sticky above I'm sort of nervous about claying the car since I wont be doing any polishing/correction afterwords. Anyone with experience with Ford's silver paint, do you think that given the products I'm using above and all by hand application I'd be better off skipping the clay?

Thanks in advance for helping a first time detailer out!

04-25-2012, 08:37 PM
what i do with my small hand applicators is about the same as i do with a polishing pad or waxing pad, i will make something shaped like # on the pad and fold the pad in half a few times while spinning the pad then i will put 4 drops of product on the pad and tap it over a panel and start waxing.
for claying dont worry about marring if your using a fine grade clay with correct technique, some soft paints can mar with clay but fords clear is pretty hard so i would not worry about marring and focus on the task at hand. i clay every 6 months or so same time when i polish but you don't need to polish afterward, i say this and not meaning to be harsh or mean or anything like that, but your paint probably needs polished and has below surface defects anyways.