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Mike Phillips
06-12-2011, 10:24 AM
Episode 11 - What's in the Garage? - Temple Terrace, Florida

Season 1 - Episode - 11 - Autogeek's What's In The Garage

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Autogeek's What's In The Garage - YouTube

Episode 11 is on today at 11:30am Eastern Time on Fox Sports Network and repeats tomorrow at 4:30pm Eastern Time.

We'll see Calvin's Hurtz Rent a Racer


Setec Astronomy
06-12-2011, 11:16 AM
Boy, I was really disappointed you guys didn't look at that '79 Indy Pace Car Replica Mustang...that was my dream car for a while and I actually put a deposit on an '80 Cobra which was the production version of that Pace Car body package.

And there was that Ranchero that deserved a word or two...but I guess that gentleman had too many cars to cover in the length of the segment.

Mike Phillips
06-13-2011, 03:09 PM
Episode 11 repeat at 4:30pm Eastern Time today!


Setec Astronomy
06-13-2011, 03:28 PM
Shucks Mike, OCW is even easier to use than you depicted it (in the "What's in the Garage" commercial)!

06-15-2011, 10:51 AM
Great episode, loved Calvin's collection. However, he's needs a bit of eduction concerning the engine in his SVT Cobra. Cobra's of that model came ONLY with a 4 valve 4.6 L. engine, equivelent to 281 cu. in., not the 406 cu in. Calvin said. Otherwise, it was a great show and I'm jealous of his collection, especially the G350H. SWEET.

Mike Phillips
02-28-2012, 10:34 AM

Yancy has uploaded all the episodes from the first season of our TV show, "What's in the Garage", I've embedded Episode 11 to the first page of this thread.