View Full Version : Detail Fest 2011 and UPS

01-20-2011, 01:56 PM
Well we are gearing up for a lot of great additions to Detail Fest this year.
Every year it gets a little more exciting!
This year UPS is going to be bringing in a few vehicles for display!

Of course we will have your UPS Box Truck on display, the one you always
love seeing with your Autogeek box in it for delivery!

And everyone love the Nascar Flame Box UPS Truck, this must be used
for the Next Day Air Deliveries!

And if you need your order real fast there is always number 6 ready and gassed up to go....
A real treat for all the Nascar Fans!

We really appreciate UPS partnering up with us this year to bring out some of their vehicles for us!

This year we have a whole section of the forum dedicated for Detail Fest Updates so please keep checking back on this section as we are preparing to make a lot of exciting announcements soon.

Autogeek's DetailFest Info Section (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/autogeek-s-detailfest-info/)