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11-18-2010, 02:23 AM
Hello guys .this is my first post (i hope to )
greetings for cyprus

so i start
i have cyclo polisher .i bought it a year ago for my first polisher .i must say that is a very safe and easy to handle for a begginer .
The problem now is that i dont find anywhere tha pads i want it.i had the full range of gloss it pads and now my pads want replacement .the gloss it pads was the first pad i ever try so i dont know the comparison with the others pads.can anyone tell me the difference between gloss it pads and the other doubleside pads.for exaple the gloss it most agressive pad is the orange and then the wool on the other hand i saw other mark pads and the most agressive is the yellow and then the wool.

Can anyone pls give an answer?
Ps sorry for my english i hope that everybody understand what iam trying to say:d and something more gloss it pad i find it only for usa and the shipping cost are 300 dolars to cyprus

11-21-2010, 08:13 PM
if you are out of the country, i would check with cyclo for a case shipment or maybe a dealer opportunity.
I bought my pads on EBay as a large set for 100 bucks or so(new)..it seems as though you need a complete set from aggressive to light.
I have not used the gloss it pads. I stick with the cyclo or automagic brand, that way I know what to get if I need a replacement and theres no confusion on which color does what