View Full Version : WANT TO SAMPLE or TRADE: XMT Swirl Removers..

11-13-2006, 03:41 AM
Right now I am a diehard Megs #80 and #83 user... however #83 can be a PITA to use sometimes.... dusting and gumming up even with frequent cleaning.

I would like to sample some XMT3, XMT2, and XMT1. I would be willing to pay for it if Autogeek had a small sample pack of these products. (Meghan?.?.?)

I already have the XMT pad conditioner and cleaner, absolutely LOVE the stuff and Im thouroughly stocked up on it. :awesome:

If you have these goodies let me know what YOU are looking for and Ill see what I can do for a trade.

Heres some of the things I have new that I can trade with:

-Megs ultra plush wash mitt. (new never used)
-Megs Endurance Tire Gel. (new bottle never used)
-Megs Liquid or Paste #26. (can offer samples of both or either)
-PakShak MFs, purple. (new in plastic)
-Sonus Grey Block Clay. (new still sealed in plastic)
-Flitz Metal Polish. (can offer some out of my 2lb can)