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KJW Detailing
10-03-2009, 08:16 PM
Hello to All,

So i became a new motorcycle owner yesterday...Suzuki GSX-R 600. I have a few questions about motorcycle care. Hope that the seasoned veterans can help.

1. I'm looking to get a form fitting cover that covers against dust as the bike will be garage kept.

2. Washing a bike...aside from not hitting the intakes with a jet of water, what else do i need to know? Obviously, the body of the bike is made of hard plastic, along with the headlight, tail lights, and the windscreen. The remainder of the bike is chrome and black metal (i'm assuming).

So, washing the bike, can i use your typical car wash like DG 901?

What about protection...being that its mainly plastic, is a wax like pinnacle ok or something specific for plastics?

Are there motorcycle specific cleaners and protection stuff?

Anything else in which you can think of in with would be beneficial for me know when cleaning / detailing my new sportbike, please please let me know.


10-03-2009, 08:32 PM
a variaty of brushes comes in handy when I clean my 09 R1. If the chain has any type of grease on it, you're going to have to deal with alot of grease build-up on your rear wheel and swing arm. Using wd-40 is a much better chain lube. I just started using DP plex-all on my windscreen. Being new, the plastics are in pretty good shape; but the plex-all is doing a good job.

Enjoy the new bike!

10-04-2009, 05:25 PM
this is how you clean your chain. dont ONLY use WD-40. wont do anything. do it the way i tell in the post below, i have 8K on my chain and it still looks BRAND NEW!!! Clean your chain every 500-1000 miles, its in your manual.


dont waste time cleaning your bike by washing it with car wash. no need to wash your bike. spray and wipe wax on the plastics, 3" buffer from the 3M headlight restoration kit will clean plastics if they are bad. I only use Original Bike Spirits Spray wax and polish to clean my 06 R6. that spray and an old t-shirt on the rims. the 3" pad with Menzerna Finish Polish if i ever do that, which i rarely ever do.

10-04-2009, 05:41 PM
You use a spray and wipe to clean your bike if it's covered in bugs?

12-06-2009, 09:46 PM
iInvest in S100 cycle cleaner, its gold

12-06-2009, 10:28 PM
Invest in a good helmet and wear it.
Take an instruction and safety course.
Ride like every car you see is after you, cause one of them is. Dumb as it sounds, people really don't see you.

I personally ride and drive somewhat aggressively. Don't be an ass, but be the one deciding what you are going to do. It's a lot easier to avoid the vehicle you are passing than it is to avoid the one passing you.
You will find it is a totally unique experience. It's impossible to explain it to someone that doesn't ride.

As for motorcycle care, I use the same products that I use on my cars. Same soap/cleaners, sealant/wax, and protectants except for tires. I don't use any dressing on tires. It's too easy to get some on the contact area which is not a good thing.
My current ride was purchased new in 1985 and it still looks like new.

Addendum: In a cold climate a cover may cause condensation to form on the bike. My engine would get as wet as if it had been sprayed with water. I no longer use the cover at all.

12-16-2009, 12:10 AM
I like to use water-less cleaners like said above S100
is a very good product and no chance of water getting
into hidden areas. It has wax and uv protection, but
I would still go over it with a more heavy duty wax.
Then you can always use the spray on cleaner S100
for touch-ups once a week or so.

02-24-2010, 07:32 PM
I have a Nelson Riggs cover and it is awesome.

02-24-2010, 07:41 PM
look to the S100 line by P21S for alot of value and great products too.

H-D care
05-19-2010, 12:50 PM
My bike stays indoors when not being ridden, so it is relatively easy to maintain. This past winter, I waxed it ablout 15 times with P21S. That might have been overkill, but it's amazing how the metalic in the paint really glistens in the sun.
BTW, excellent advice from Charles W. I've owned bikes contnuously since 1974 and ride like everyone is out to get me. That keeps me in control and alert to all situations.
Enjoy your new bike and be safe!