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05-02-2020, 02:08 PM
Here ya go:69450
Still have these buried somewhere on my shelves. Back in the early 80's, a local store was going out of business and clearing all their waxes out. I bought out everything on the shelf with the Classic label.
Slipstream was actually easy to remove if you rubbed it in well when applying. I'd still be using it today as my one-step of choice if it wouldn't have acquired rust inside the tin.
Loaded with those nasty(?) VOC's, but it lasted longer than anything else I had used, with honorable mention to Collinite pastes.
I still sometimes pull it out it whenever I'm doing a prep for a show with my Camino, but only on the chrome and stainless, 'cause of my worries of the rust particles that may have gotten into the paste.


PS: Their ads used to tout you could wax a car in the rain. Back around 1974, I was prepping some cars for a wedding and it started to shower when I was on the last car, a dark Blue Buick Lesabre. I just kept on working thru the rain. Later that day, I toweled it off when the rain quit and it was perfect.

Mike Phillips
05-02-2020, 02:48 PM
Very cool Jim. More,

Car Wax History

Thanks for sharing,