View Full Version : New products for BLACK PAINT ! (VIDEO)

04-11-2020, 05:33 PM
Hey guys,

Something new and interesting this week. I review the new Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic line of products for black cars: Black Polish & Black Wax. Turtle Wax has already made insane strides with the new high end Hybrid Solutions line (which are sold on AutoGeek) and now they kept the innovation going with this new black line of products.

These aren't destined for pro use, of course. These are for the weekend warriors and enthusiasts who don't have hours or days to spend on polishing their paintwork with multi-stage processes and expensive products and tools. Turtle Wax has released these two products to quickly remove paint imperfections (light swirls and scratches) and filling some in for a smoother surface, increasing gloss, adding up to 6 months of protection, water beading and sheeting and protecting black paint from water stains. You can achieve a decent level of correction and the best part is how deep, glossy and black this system makes your paint look.

All this is a simple to use system of an all-in-one polish (that you can order in a kit with their appropriate polishing pad or do it by hand with their foam applicator pad) and a ceramic/acrylic based spray wax that will make your black paint pop! And of course, continue the value proposition continues as these products are inexpensive.

Enjoy the video and stay safe!