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03-08-2020, 01:41 PM
Just tried 4 of the products from my box and Iíll try to use them a few more times before I give a more thought out review. Iíve tried the Intense Iron Remover, Dual Action Tire and Wheel Cleaner, Car Shampoo and Waterless Auto Wash. I was as the Pay and Spray so no pics as it was still quite cold and also very busy so hustled through it. Sorry!

Intense Iron Remover-typical iron removal product smell, but light almost floral scent. Used on my wifeís darker car and didnít see much change to the paint, but the wheels were turning light purple in the lug areas and corners of the spokes(areas I canít clean well during waterless washes) after a couple minutes. Good product and killed the previous LSPís beading and sheeting which is ok cause I want to test some products.

Dual Action Tire and Wheel Cleaner-light almost scentless product, everything came out clean and seemed to pull a good amount of crud from the tires.

Car Shampoo-I filled my 5 gallon bucket about half way, threw in a wash mitt and squeezed the bottle 3 times, hit it with the jet and was met with a thick mound of foam/suds. It was very windy when I was washing(pay and spray) and as I would dunk the mitt and pull out, the wind would take foam like blowing foam in a bubble bath. Very dark green color and canít pinpoint the scent, itís definitely light and not overpowering.

Waterless Auto Wash-This product really has my attention, I didnít apply very heavily and it was after my wifeís car was about 95% dry. I was mainly looking to test how it would handle water marks and light dust from a short drive from pay and spray to our apartment(3ish miles). Took a bit more work than I expected on freshly dried watermarks, but again I sprayed only a few times. And this next sentence is why.. The second I sprayed it and saw the panel I thought of BSD(if youíve used this product youíll know that gel consistency and heavy viscous look it has). Iím very excited to keep using this product, it wipes in much easier than BSD and isnít streaky at all, leaves a great glossy acrylic shine and the scent is almost like a watermelon herbal essence shampoo. This might be a sleeper product from DP, weíre expecting some rain for the next few dayís, looking forward to using this more... be back gotta to do my car now!!

review taken from this thread:

03-09-2020, 07:17 AM
Glad you liked them! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

03-09-2020, 10:25 AM
Glad you liked them! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

Your welcome and least I could do!