View Full Version : Iron decontamination / clay/ paint maintenance question

04-25-2019, 04:00 PM
Hi all

So, after a few months, there's no doubt the car with a MOHS Quartz coating would have attracted some iron, fallout from the environment etc.

Will using the gyeon iron spray on a quartz coated car have any detrimental affect on the coating? I'm assuming no, since it's a chemical decontamination product. Would follow this up with Cure.

Also assuming using a clay bar is a no no on a quartz coated car unless you're prepared to remove, polish and reapply the quartz coating ?

04-25-2019, 04:13 PM
You will be okay using an Iron Remover yes. In terms of physical decontamination, I would and do use a very light touch with a nano mitt and a bucket of really soapy water as my lubrication. Just a very light touch over smaller areas and with frequent rinsing with more soapy water. This will minimize to eliminate marring. Do the iron treatment first.

From there I would and do skip cure and simply hit it with some CanCoat. You'll love the additional amped up water behavior and no you should not see an issue with it bonding. I've not and did it both on my car earlier this year and on my wife's tailgate of her SUV in mid winter. Hers is still going super strong.