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07-01-2018, 05:29 AM
So a few weeks back I continued putting my toe into the Gyeon Pool and tried their Q2 TRIM product on my wife's SUV as the entire lower rocker area is thankfully protected using a dark plastic molding that looks tastefully done even on Lincoln. The catch is in the past I used WETS on vehicles like this but the longevity of the dark color and protection just isn't there.

I wasn't sure what to expect from TRIM but to my amazement it really darkened up the plastic and gave it a nice satin to semi-gloss appearance (since toned down to satin) and it seems to really bond nicely. They claim a 6 month life which has yet to be seen but at least it's 2 weeks running and a couple washes and rain storms later and it still looks like I just applied it so longevity doesn't seem to be a concern for me anymore.

Yesterday I sold my first "option package" of it to a customer with a Honda CR-V and there too the customer gave me a "WOW!" and said it looks better than the day they bought it. They both (her daily) were very pleased. The upside is I've done 3 vehicles so far, including the Subaru STi shown here (didn't have much trim) and I still have 1/4 of the bottle left. I probably over-applied it too thus just be aware a little goes a long way. Next time I'm thinking I can easily use less product. Not a bad value for $45.

The best way I've found to apply it is a foam applicator. Use either the finger puppet ones you see for wheels or another version you cut and make your own from. I cut up a round applicator that was hollow/made fromk two layers and slid my fingers in there. I just found the product goes on with the consistency of say real maple syrup sort of like WETS but is a little grabby. That's okay, just be aware upon wiping off any excess that on trim you don't want to use a MF Rag that has lint. There too I used a foam sponge from the grocery isle. Work perfect to level out the product, remove excess and didn't leave any little buggers of lint behind.

Anyway, I'm going to revise my pricing upwards a little as I really think the product is solid and will sell itself as well as Syncro does. If you're looking for a much nicer and longer lasting product to WETS, then look no further as I think Gyeon has a winner here. Longer term updates through the fall and of course winter will be coming for sure.

Here are a few pics, most of which I've posted in the Show-n-Shine area but didn't really concentrate on mentioning the TRIM product so these should show it in action well.

Thanks for reading my randomly put together review.

I don't have many "BEFORE" shots but here's a decent comparison to WETS. This is a photo of my wife's car just after it's first wash and application of WETS when it had less than a few hundred miles on it.

Lincoln MK-C with Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant aka WETS on it:


Here it is after using Gyeon's TRIM Product: IMO It has a much richer and slightly darker look to it.


Subaru STi with over 100k miles on it and a badly faded front lip restored with TRIM. I also applied it to the honeycomb section of the grill to keep those diamond shapes nice and black over time. I may update this thread once I finish the hood cowling area near the wipers too. I had to delay doing it the day I finished the car. I also did the B Pillars and all the black trim around the windows. On that trim, I found it best to let it dry for a few hours before wiping it off and I did so with a damp MF rag that I spritzed with Gyeon Cure as this vehicle was done with CanCoat. Doing so helped it dry nearly all the way. There too, it REALLY darkened up the badly faded window trim. If you look closely you will see however I didn't do the rubber trim around the windshield. It's real rubber and not badly faded and I just didn't have time nor did it really need it much. I'm not sure how it will bond and hold up on soft rubber either.


New Car Prep on a Honda CR-V this week. 6k miles on the ODO and the trim was abundant. Again, like WETS, a little goes a LONG Long way on the vehicle.