View Full Version : 28 Foot Rinker Captiva 276 - Boat Detailing Class with Mike Phillips at Autogeek

Mike Phillips
02-01-2018, 12:41 PM
28' Rinker Captiva 276 - Boat Detailing Class with Mike Phillips at Autogeek

Here's the other boat for the 2018 Boat Detailing Class. This is bow rider with full amenities including the aluminum arch. I've been told the oxidation level on the hull sides is worse than what the pictures show. When the boat arrives here next week I'll take fresh pictures to show the true and accurate condition.

2009 28' Rinker Captiva 276








Mike Phillips
02-05-2018, 04:49 PM

4 days and then the boat buffing begins on this 28' Rinker Captiva 276

I sent out the "Welcome and Important Information" e-mail today.

Please take a moment to read through it as it covers EVERYTHING you need to know for arriving and taking the class both days.

I would also appreciate it if everyone could join the forum so you can post your feedback after the class.

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Thank you!